Feb 10, 2011

The Beautiful & the Damned

The Beautiful & The Damned from stylestalker on Vimeo.

I'm a sucker for horror films.  I'm a sucker for dark, weird, damsel heroine figures with dark dark costume make-up and a really good, blood curdling, horror movie scream.  Stylestalker's The Beautiful & the Damned collection has a toned down gothic edge with film noir glamor that toes the line between Marylin Monroe and Morticia Adams without overreaching into the arena of costumeness.  Compared to Desert Fox, the collection is overtly feminine, however compared to the mainstream (box store) field of design trends, the new collection from Stylestalker offers a version of femme that balances the elements of innocence, sexiness, and edginess.  I was disappointed on the lack of their signature laced/grommet detailing that is highlighted on the snakebite pants from Desert Fox, but in the context of this collection, one that essentially lacks complexity in many ways, the detailing would most likely have felt forced had it made an appearance.  Simplicity is not normally a term I can apply to Stylestalker's designs.  With them it's either brightly colored and oddly textured fabrics, or utterly unique detailing that subtly plays with the eye.  The collection is a step into effortless for them.  The detailing is there but in a way that is hardly noticeable when looking at jpegs of the clothes, this is a collection that you need to touch to get shivers over.

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Kitschmoog said...

3 pics and 3 styles so chic and incredible-awesome... My favorite is the dark mood of the 1st photo.

Caroline Hagood said...

I'm so there with you where Marilyn Monroe meets Morticia Adams.


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