Nov 19, 2010

Desert Fox by Stylestalker

Desert Fox Collection by Stylestalker

Photography by Zanita

I feel like I’m repetitively preaching a desire for rock ‘n’ roll and badassness in my ever-changing sartorial climate.  So, sometimes I feel like wearing a cute little chiffon-y tube dress, but only paired with motorcycle boots; sometimes I only want to be in an oversized comfy sweater, but paired with leather in some way shape or form.  Such tough-girl elements leak into the general aesthetic of my daily outfits pretty much…all the time.  

Australian design duo Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic, aka Stylestalker, have been known to implement some magic recipe of toughness, sexiness and individuality using all the right details.   Let’s recall the Vulture Dress…symmetrically placed back, corset-like webbing on a sultry, rock-goddess, long-sleeved body con dress, some sort of perfectness.  They’ve invoked elements of the futuristic kind as seen on the shoulders of the Bluebottle dress; sportiness with either the Scuba or the Wipe Out dresses; and the oh-so perfectly offbeat placement of sexy skin exposure with Jaws, Tide, and Wakeboard dresses. 

The winter ’10 collection (Northern Hemisphere dwellers, that’s our summer, and I only mention that because I was briefly confused myself) brought us new wave glamour with details of dripping chains, single sleeve asymmetry, 90’s style ripped jeans and strong shoulders.  Bondage-esque necklines, and the aforementioned corset-like back details play a staring role in the collection, while model Mariana’s dark femme-fatale bombshell bob and smoky eyelids amp the glamour quotient.

The Wipe Out Collection showed that Stylestalker could breathe and change and create with a totally different paradigm of design while staying true to the elements that we love so much about their clothes.  This collection oozed athleticism, dressing the same women of confident sex appeal, but with looser fitting fabrics and a brighter color palette.  Interestingly cutout back designs and that quintessential lace-up detail remained fundamental…and I continued to be addicted.

Stylestalker clearly understands that balance of toughness and femininity and they’re certainly not afraid to change things up.  Their most recent collection, Desert Fox (which I’m sure has flooded the interwebs by now) proves that there is no creative stoppage for this team.  Bambi Northwood Blyth, everyone’s fave broodingly beautiful Aussie model, is the face of Desert Fox and her serious eyebrow-ed attitude worked seamlessly with the motorcycle theme.  

Of course my favorite piece is the Snakebite pant, cause, there it is again, the lacing.  I will never tire of the lacing.  Those details totally make me appreciate tying my shoes, hell, they get me pumped for anything involving strings going from grommet to grommet.  Another favorite of mine is the Tarantula Dress, one more interestingly detailed back in Stylestalker’s arsenal of backside intrigue.  The black chiffon, gypsy-flavored peasant top is darkly charming and when styled with the cowboy hat and excess of chunky silver jewelry, it’s just damn good.

Up against prior collections, Desert Fox seems to exude a fresh attitude, more understated cool than new wave glamour; more serious and subtle individuality than playful funkiness.  Stylestalker’s ability to constantly reinvent yet stay true to themselves has me anxiously awaiting their next creations.  

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