Jul 2, 2010

Fish Obsession

fish crop tank, thrifted.  skirt, AA.  vest, sister's.  boots, Nine West.  

Photography by Ben Filio

The location...strange.  The outfit...kinda stranger.  Though severally anemic on the drama scale, the hues remind me of Romance Was Born, kitschy-ness and all.  Now that I see the pictures, I've realized that a fierce expression does not pair with such a whimsical piece of rayon fabric...or does it?  I do take fish seriously...eating and otherwise.  

I was drawn to this garish three dollar thrift find because quite frankly, I really dig fish.  Salmon, tuna, talapia, rainbow...can't get enough.  And I'll take my omega-3's with a little mercury, thank you.  Environmental concerns go by the wayside with my consumption of Starkist canned tuna, which really is a shame because I truly do care about the dolphins, Elaine Benes.  In fact, I've got two inked indelibly on the center of my back.  Go ahead and laugh about my cookie-cutter, cliched tat...I was the coolest sixteen-year-old when it was a fresh inky scar.  Mom pulled me out of chem lab for a "doctor's appointment," which just so happened to be at a place called True Image, my doctor had gauged ears, a myriad of facial piercings and tattoos up the wazoo; he spoke passionately about anarchism while he "treated me," swell guy.   A dolphin tattoo was a right of passage for the women in my family, Ya Ya, ya know?

Aside from my dangerously high intake of what I've got to assume is mercury infested (why am I alive?), and my rock 'n' roll sixteenth birthday present, fish have been a decorative obsession for me for as long as I can remember. Sea creature mania was born from that stage in a girl's life when she wants to have and do anything and everything that her older sister has and does.  Wear floral jumpers...me too, me too!  Patent black maryjanes...where's mine?!  Oh, broken wrist, neon green cast?...that's so cool, lemme break mine!

My sister's girlhood fashion sense was one thing to copy ad nauseam...we have since gone our separate ways style-wise; she, the mature environmental scientist/grad student/hippie-esque professional who knows the difference between dressing up, everyday wear, and dressing down...and me, well seen here sporting a rayon fish crop tank.  You get the point.  What really stuck with me in terms of following my big sister's lead was her sport, swimming.  While she took it seriously and followed through to college, I was usually more concerned about what pattern was on my bathing suit than the time I got in my wretched 200 IM.  Despite her overexertion, and my lazy under-exertion, we're both swimmers for life...and therefore can't get enough of creatures that thrive in water.


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i like i like

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I'm guessing "anonymous" means Erin...and no, not Shadyside...it's actually the alley between Penn and Milgate.

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oooh neat i like your fish tank


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