Jul 30, 2010

Arsenal Artist

pink bodysuit, AA.  crochet poncho, Grandma.  denim cutoffs, DIY (Express denim).  belt, Levi's.  leg warmers, handmade x K8.  boots, sister's.

Photography by Jeremy Zerbe

Sometime before the advent of that style-debilitating heat wave which prompted a strict appetite of bikini tops and cut-off shorts, Zerbe and I wandered down to Arsenal Park to shoot this poncho thingy.  At this point in July the very idea of nubby crochet anything puts me in a state of an itchy sweat pool; but at the time (sometime in early July) it worked and I think later that evening I actually got cold, replaced my daisy dukes with flare jeans and felt even more ‘princess Woodstock.’

Ambling down the quintessentially decrepit concrete steps of said inner city park I noticed a group of rowdy urban youth, probably students at Arsenal Middle.  I overheard one of them say, “She must be an artist or something, look at how she’s dressed.”

Initially I was kinda flattered.  I mean, when applied loosely ‘artist’ could describe me, I suppose; and these punk kids were simply recognizing, drawing a nice little stereotype…weirdly dressed girl equals artist.  Cool, cool…I can dig, because it’s a step up from being reduced to just “that weird girl,” a statement which occurs mostly in the looks people give me, on the bus, walking down Liberty Ave., anywhere downtown.  But what started out as a sliver of adulation from a crew of kids whose idea of style is a pair of fresh kicks and a Rajon Rondo jersey (which is stylish, mind you) quickly dissipated with their adolescent play of mockery.  They darted around pretending to take pictures of each other while others in the crew struck over-the-top poses, giggling, loud; making comments I didn’t bother to remember.  I wanted to say something witty, snarky, and funny to them...but they outnumbered me and their gusto and youth threw me off my wit balance.  Shortly thereafter Zerbe's battery died, so we left the rambunctious crew till the next time we shoot in Arsenal, and I totally hope they're there.  

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to work on my snarky comment designed specifically for middle school age boys...who will, in fact, be boys.


Kitschmoog said...

Superbe et absolument tendance !

dust said...

This is what you get for wearing a poncho? Next time ask them to pose with you! Or you join them on their territory? Pretending you are one of them?
Aaaah, can't wait to see the second round! Good luck and greetings to the photographer!

The F Word Online said...

i too love diy shorts. love the outfit!

xx lue

Raez said...

love your outfit, you look great in a poncho!

xx raez

Elaine said...

Oooh, I would've loved to see the poncho with flared jeans!!!

That's why I hate teenagers. They're immature and can't think for themselves and are only "powerful" as a group. They're sheep.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

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TASHA B said...



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ARA said...

beautiful poncho and I love the jewelries also.xx


Malu Rivero said...

I love the thirst photo !
Seems something new!XD


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