Jun 2, 2010

She reads all the high class sex literature...

peasant top, thrifted.  zipper belt, H&M.  leopard boots, ebay?  wooden flower earrings, flea-market of some sort.  black string bikini top, American Apparel.

Photography by Ben Filio

Ever since about seventh grade I’ve had an obsession with peasant tops, flowing, shoulder baring, in muslin or chiffon and iconic of free-spiritedness.  Always in search of comfort, I’ve been leaning towards the boyish lately with variations of cargo bottoms and oversized tanks in the spirit of Alexander Wang type minimalism or Erin Wasson like hoboism.  But this ultra feminine hippie staple combines the perfect amount of sheer coolness with loose fitting liberation, and oh so short hemline for leg baring provocateur, which I tend to do a lot of as well; thank you very much Alexandra Spencer.

I feel like I can always link things I love to wear with things that I love to read, and in the retro essence of developing my love for such tops in 7th grade, I can always remember falling in love with Henry Miller somewhere around then.  Yes, a bit racy for a Middle Schooler, but I was always trying to grow up too fast, especially literarily.  The line "She reads all the high class sex literature," is from a poem by David Lerner who is clumped together with the likes of Ken DiMaggio, Alan Kaufman, and Rudolfo Anaya.  The poem is called Slamdancing to the Blues and it's totally about me except I don't take my clothes off to Tom Waits and the Dead Kennedys at a theatre on Market, although back in the day I like to think that I looked like a 14 year old beatnik with an IQ of 200.  Always reveling in my youthful attempts at understanding the stream of consciousness writing from expat American writers living in Paris.

The poem ends...
"she has invented herself so well
she's not sure she can

I know that song"  


Claire said...

This was a good post.

Melanie M said...

Love your hair! Also, those shoes are wicked cool! :)


Nicole Jarecz said...

cute dress, i like how you belted it!

AlexanderLotts0 said...
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Audrey Allure said...

Such beautiful poetry, and gorgeous top!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Thanks for stopping by and your comment - means a lot to me! Love your blog and am following you now (-: (I know you asked about sports styling and what I do - if you click on my blog - right top side it says "go to Cindy's website" that will tell/show you what I do ) (-: Thanks again!

mel said...

wow, you look stunning! these photos are amazing:) i love the top and pheasnt style, fab accessories too


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's so funny because I've only just now gotten into peasant tops, and I want to buy each and every one that I see. The piece you're wearing is stunning!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Exquisite look and pics, darling!
Love the peasant top!


daisymay said...

Love the top and your tattoo is great!

apparellel said...

gorgeous photos and a beautiful girl. i love peasant blouses as well. i have quite a nice collection too. mwah!


dontdancenaked said...

such awesome pics!

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice pictures! Love that top

Wendy said...

Tell me about it, I've been a lil obsessed with soft flowing chiffony tops too :)
Beautiful green field, and gosh, love your sheer peasant top.
Simply gorgeous.


dust said...

A peasant top classy? If looks could kill, this lady would be killin' it.
She writes like a devil, there is your proof!


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