May 14, 2010

"Who was breaking away from the pack..."

cardigan, vintage. striped crop top, vintage. black bandage skirt, American Apparel. thigh high socks, American Apparel.
photos by Erin Magoc

One cup of afternoon coffee tends to feel like something more potent and thus leads me to gallivant through alleyways in a mini-skirt.  Thick humid atmosphere leads to messy hair, clumpy bangs, smeared eyeliner, and makes midriff baring crop tops acceptable.  The constant threat of thunderstorms the past few days has had me in a perpetually twitchy state of excitement that flares up with every tantalizing lightening strike that flashes in the distance like an appetizer of summertime weather destruction.  The anticipation is vexing; summer must be here because the weatherman is always wrong.  The night ended with clear starry skies and a little less stickiness.  But after some beers with friends and bacon burgers on the grill, I forgot all about my longing for a thunderstorm.  However, here's to hoping it happens today, I just wanna play in some puddles. 


Angierella said...

I love totally this combination, I'm a great fan of over the knee socks !

dust said...

I want a glass of same stuff that you were drinking!


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