May 12, 2010


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There's something about perusing Garance Doré's blog that constantly leaves me with the feeling of immense pride that I am a women.  I'm not sure if it's her relentless work ethic, extraordinary artistic talent, ability to make any subject look and feel beautiful, or her celebration of human aesthetic eccentricities (that occur even in the fashion world).  Probably all of the above, and most importantly that last one.
Meandering through Garance's blog I came upon a post about Stevie Dance, the editor of RUSSH Magazine.  RUSSH is one of my absolute favorite fashion magazines because it is constantly offbeat, going against the grain, and offering a highly unique point of view through styling and photography.  In my sinuous fashion blogging link trail, I found myself at Stevie Dance's website perusing her editorial work, all of which is sensational.  And looking through the photography of Daul Kim I felt saddened but in a way like I was supposed to, as if her tragic beauty emanated from my glowing computer screen, to remind me of the genius of the depressed beauties.  When I say beauties, I don't necessarily just mean the physically beautiful like Kim, but largely the creatively beautiful.  
Daul Kim's life and tragic death was given more meaning to me after I watched the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston.  Johnston and Kim parallel in their depressed genius, Johnston a genius of poetry, and Kim a genius of posing; both beautiful creatives.  
I apologize if I seemed to have gotten off track, but that's what fashion does to me, sends me on tangents about art, film, music, whatever;  I just wanted to share my little trip through fashion cyberspace with you all, and touch on how its meaning is totally morphed by readings of meta-culture.

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dust said...

Garance is good in looking at the complicated things one dimensional, girls on her pictures have no pores, also important, we are more into complicating stuff. Fashion is a direct and valid reflection, very reactive substance.


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