May 29, 2010

"Angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient..."

top, Urban Renewal/Urban Outfitters.  shorts, H&M.  boots, Harley Davidson.  studded belt, thrifted.  black/gold bangle, sister's.  celtic scarf slave bracelet, DIY.

Photography by Jeremy Zerbe

Channeling a little Rodarte inspiration with lacy layers and army green cargo shorts.  The heat has not yet deterred me from black boots, although it has fostered copious amounts of sunbathing in my urban backyard which usually ends in total frustration brought on by attacks from black Lilliputian like ants.  The black Lilliputs and red Blefuscus constantly crawling onto my feet and hands totally make me miss my lifeguarding days when I essentially got paid to tan.  I am seriously contemplating the acquisition of an inflatable pool for my spot; I just can't stand being away from water, especially in the summer!

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and think of me whilst you sip beers and chow down on burgers cause I'll pretty much be bartending from now until late Sunday night.  


Robyn said...

Love all the textures here. Definitely can see the rodarte inspiration.

dust said...

Rodarte has passed the melting point, it's sizzling hot!


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