Mar 29, 2010

Real Girl Play-Time.

image source 10th Muse

Motorcycle riding, dare-devil, fearless, runs with the guys, dirt under her nails, anti-drama, low-maintenance, gutsy, and smart.  There's something about working like a man that makes a women feel even more like a women.  I spent about 5+ hours in a dingy, dimly lit, unventilated garage yesterday.  I used the roaring shop-vac to suck up pennies half smoked cigarettes and a general wide array of filth.  Sprayed copious amounts of barely diluted acid, 100 times stronger than citrus on dirt encumbered rims.  Diligently removed tar and bugs from the lower part of the car body with a mere soft sponge and a lot of elbow grease.  Finally, reeking of kerosene, with dirt deep under my nails, and wet socks, I caught the shootout of the Pens v. Maple Leafs game blaring over the shitty shop radio, through the sound of the buffer to hear Dupuis win the game.  Man, I feel like a women. 


Lindsay Jean said...

Haha, I read the entire post and went "WHAT, PENS, WHAT? DUPUIIIIIIIIIIIS? Oh, I bet this was K8 wasn't it?". Haha, you never disappoint.

I hate manual labor, haha, dirt I like, but manual labor, no thank you!

Empress said...

Nothing rocks more than a girl on a bike!

dust said...

Manual labor is good for your skin, and when your skin is good, intelligence will follow.
This doesn't apply to cases that include unreal superhuman hair, like the models above.


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