Mar 10, 2010

LCD Soundsystem X YSL

I'll spare you the "I"m sorry I'm not such a diligent blogger" speech.  I know it's been awhile, I pretty much ignored this space all during Fashion Month.  Tisk, tisk, I know. 
Anyways, more important matters....this killer collaboration between Yves Saint Laurent and LCD Soundsystem.  I love fashion most when it brings together the most prominent artists of all forms.  This particular collaboration kind of shocked me.  I mean, when I think of LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk is Playing at my House begins bumping in my head, I start dancing a little, might even get up from my desk chair and shake it around my room, in front of the mirror.  Too much information? Sorry, but that's what happens with LCD Soundsystem, it's like mature electropop.  Dancey but not always too dancey, sometimes your grooving in a dark underground club where ecstasy is passed around like a communal pack of Mentos, sometimes your just chillin' poolside sipping cheap beer with your crew and shootin' the shit.  That's the thing about LCD, its always electro but can be channeled and enjoyed in different ways. Now, I never thought of LCD Soundsystem as the type of sound that would be matched with the decadence of YSL.  YSL is a storied fashion house, known for glamour and expensiveness.  But the song played in the background of this runway show works, it actually brightened up the dark collection, made the little pops of color kind of whimsical.  It was fantastic, and renewed my fandom for LCD Soundsystem.


dust said...

Harold, this a beautiful post, really, great point of view, thank you.

Mat said...

ah you have put me right in the mood for lcd, also now hot chip!excellent


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