Jan 15, 2010

Photography by Marco Coppola: Fashion and Beyond.

Dynamic, kitschy, bizarre, emotive, edgy, did I mention bizarre?  The photography of Marco Coppola is both marketable, in that he captures Makeup Forever eyelashes on a girl eating marshmellows for breakfast, and artful in that he captures a nude clown tattooed, wearing only a nose, seen through the lens of black and white polaroid.  His images are just provocative enough, just beautiful enough, and just weird enough to be great.  He also has a penchant for lo-fi images which are actually my favorites.  Raw, gritty, and packed with feeling.  They kind of remind me of home movies, and by home movies I'm not referring to old photographs from my youth that my Dad took with his fancy shmancy Canon mulit-lens, but home movies.  To be honest, I think that it's the amount of green grass in the shots, I remember a lot of grass in my childhood.

P.S. sorry for the lack of posts...school can be debilitating sometimes.


thehautepursuit said...

Love the crochet!!! I need to go thrifting for one of those :)

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Anonymous said...

great photographer!
oniric vision of life.


Anonymous said...

This photographer has got talent!!!
Keep going!

Patty likes you!

Anonymous said...

I love Marco Coppola! great works!!


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