Dec 30, 2009

Tailoring to My Man's Tastes.

My man has got his own style, no doubt.  It's not that he's one of those dudes who shops designer and gets manicures.  He's a working man, so his hands are rough, and he wears his hockey jersey style Metallica hoodie like a second skin.  But he certainly doesn't lack personal style, baseball hats have different meanings for him, and blazers are meant to be dressed down. He's undeniably cool, and I'm not just saying that cause I love him either.
Now despite his coolness, or maybe because of it, he's kind of a picky dude.  So shopping for him, though I sparingly do it, is kind of difficult.  However, I stumbled upon this Pendelton X Opening Ceremony collection that has a few pieces that look like they may push him stylistically without going over board.

source Rotten Fresh

He's always talking about getting a white blazer, so the white jacket at the top seemed like a combo of dressed up white with dressed down plaid lining.  The second jacket is just fucking awesome because it turns into a back pack-ish type thing for when it gets too warm.  And the third plaid shirt has a hood.  Hooded tops are always preferable to hoodless tops, he and I see eye to eye on this saratorial ideology.
I gotta say, its kinda fun flipping the script and shopping for menswear instead of women's, the added challenge of the items not being for me make it a nice change of pace.

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