Dec 30, 2009

Stylish Snuggies, For Real Though.

I've been really into over-sized sweaters as of late.  Because of the cold, yes.  But also because of the amorphous look.  I love bulky tops with skinny jeans or worn as dresses over tights and high boots.  These gorgeous sweaters bridge the gap between fashion and art because they were designed by artist turned fashion designer Du Yang.  Yang titled this collection It is a Dream; the collection was inspired by a spiritual journey to India.


missrantsypants said...

I actually like that last one.
The first two are more art, then wearable, but
the last one, is both.

The F Word Online said...

you know, snuggies don't actually look half as bad once you add a little bit of a fashion touch to it. thanks so much for stopping by. how cute is this blog? you've got some serious html skills. i love the way you've laid out your blog. so this is my first time here, but since im in love with this blog of yours i'm thinking we should exchange links? : ) would love the visits to be a regular thing.

xx lue

ps. im glad we share in similar philosophies ; )

Every Little Counts said...

love big chunky warm and snuggly, and yes...amorphous.

valncami said...

this is awesome. snuggies are gay...but these are so cool :))

i like your blog a lot <3

wanna follow each other?
we are following you now! :D
come visit our blog!!

xo, camilla


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