Dec 30, 2009

Sisterly Tensions from Hair Jealousy.

My older sister has hair very similar to this model.  Long, thick, slightly wavey, and brilliant red/orange.  Since we're only 18 months apart when we were little we were always compared to each other by the elders at our church or older extended family members.  We even wore similar outfits sometimes, outerwear with slightly varying details and in a different color, dresses with the same shape but different print.  I never minded because I, like most little sisters, wanted to be just like my big sis.  Of course when my little sis came along and she wanted to dress like me, I wasn't having it.  Typical, I know.
The trend of similar dress between sisters born close in age was mostly just to make my mother's life easier, and i suppose we looked pretty damn cute.  But my jealousy of my sister's hair started at a very young age.  Everyone gushed over it, and why not, it was fucking awesome.  I asked my mom why I didn't get pretty hair too to which she responded, "You do have pretty hair honey."
Somehow from asking enough times over the years the theory developed that I didn't get pretty hair because my mom was breast feeding my big sister when I was in her belly.  Does anyone know if that's true?

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Style Bird said...

I LOVE these photos!


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