Dec 29, 2009

Keds X Opening Ceremony.

source Rotten Fresh

When I was little, my mom would buy my sisters and I Keds to wear because they were super cheap.  She'd find them at Payless and we pretty much went through a pair every three months.  As disposable of a shoe as they were, they were a blank canvas for a young girls imagination.  My mom definitely knew how to dazzle a Ked.  Puffy fabric paint, glittery clear coat, she could transform the drab tenni into the most fab footwear in all of the 2nd grade.  I went through a phase of oft opting for mine to be dyed red and painted with red sparkles to emulate ruby slippers.  I would wear them and answer only to Dorothy.
This new line of Keds for Opening Ceremony, are far from a blank canvas but oddly enough, they are still some shoes that I would totally wear.  Fifteen years later, I still want a pair of Keds, though I highly doubt they are as cheap as they used to be.


Lindsay Jean said...

Oh my gosh, I need a pair of these. I mean NEED. I still love keds to this very day, although I must admit I usually buy knockoffs (ked's knockoffs, who would think they'd see the day?) at H&M. Usually because I was walking all day in heels and I needed a break or I'd snap my feet off at the ankles, haha.

dust said...

These look like adult version of Keds. Price is adult,too. Bastards..

Natalie said...

soo cute! i love the leopard ones :)))


Lissa said...

Yeah girl. I love them too :D


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