Dec 6, 2009

I Wanna Be in a Micheal Bay Movie (or commercial).

I for one love Vicky's Secret, been buyin' panties from there since I developed boobs.  But I really think its the cultural fantasy that keeps me coming back.  This most recent commercial by Micheal Bay pretty much says it all.  However Sonia Rykiel just gave me somewhere else to purchase lingerie seeped in fantasty.  Either or, they're both far superior to the small town alternative, department stores.  Who wants to shop at a drab department store with glaring florescent lights that make the most chiselled body look bad when you can dream of the fanciful marketing ploy that brought you to a particular brand of lingerie in the first place?


Elaine said...

They do have a certain fantasy image about them. I love their cute underwear bottoms!

Lissa said...

Woah, amazing :]

walrus1979 said...

I like your header pics, very badass!

larissa said...

what a coincidence, i just bought two bras at victoria's secret today (buy one get one 50% off). i was determine to really figure out my bra size. turns out i'm smaller than what i've been wearing which i expected haha. i come home from shopping there and see this post, strange! yeah funny people... i wouldn't recommend it but i liked every other Judd Apatow movie.
thanks for the tips by the way ;)

Jenny said...

Ha ha! I like this post--the Sonia Rykiel collection looks wonderful!


A and A said...

Just bought one of the bras.... incredible! I love!!!!
Alex and Amy


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