Nov 5, 2009

Warding Off the Coming Winter with Karlie Kloss on a Cheesy Vacay.

Fashion isn't just about dressing for me, sometimes its very much an escapist sort of art, and that's what I got from this editorial of Karlie Kloss.  I just got through midterms, which are dreadful things, my workload is piling up, and worst of all the weather is turning colder.     However when I venture into the worlds created by fashion photographers/models/stylists that list of boo-hoos seems to totally evaporate.  This editorial in particular reminds me of family vacations, in a good way that is.  The bright colors against the neutrals of the beach, all of the inflatable pool toys, the hotel Myrtle Beachy type atmosphere, and of course Karlie's tube socks all remind me of the road trip to the beach, stopping at rest stops to pee, getting sand in places one should never have sand, burying my brothers in the sand, eating at a lot of burger joints...the list could go on forever.  I just really miss summer.  Oh well soon enough :)...til then let's get some snow so I can actually enjoy the cold.  I'm really into extremes like that...either give me hot summer sun, or cold beautiful snow.


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