Nov 10, 2009

Paying Homage to Pheobe Philo by Wearing My Boyfriend's Clothes.

faux leather jacket, Guess.  pants, H&M. men's shirt, United Colors of Benetton.  knee-high boots, vintage.

I would describe myself as a poor women's Pheobeophile.  I've always loved her effortless way of making androgyny chic.  While I am a huge fan, I'm not exactly in the market for high end fashion right now, thus I tend to steal my boyfriend's shirts as you see here. 

This morning when I was getting dressed, I spotted a blue button down hanging half-hazardly on my closet doorknob.  I threw it on and instantly recalled this quote from a recent article in the October issue of Vogue, "She's wearing a man's shirt with the front tucked in, the tail left out, and the sleeves frayed where she cut the cuffs off.  Her high-waisted jeans are hemmed with a new piece of darker denim [...] Her cute black padded-sleeve biker jacket is "the proper thing"" (Vicki Woods, Vogue).

I love how Pheobe can just absorb design elements and turn them into something that is perfectly evocative of her style.  To the untrained eye it might be hard to distinguish a Pheobe Philo design because each piece has a mirage of being simple, however a fashionista can tell that it is in the details and proportions that Ms. Philo's designs shine.  She designs with instincts making her more of a clairvoyant cultural anthropologist, in that she is able to predict what women want to wear now.  She's seems like the most interesting person, I would love to either pick her brain, or just follow her around all day.  So Pheobe, if you're reading this and you need an assistant, I'm your woman.


Eva Internazionale said...

Good idea to steal a shirt -- it's a versatile enough piece.


I was very curious about her Celine collection... looks good but I wish she was still present at Chloe...

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I love men's clothing! I think its so sexy on women. Great mash-up.


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