Nov 8, 2009

ELLE Norway: Eskimo Ski Bunny, a Flurry of Animal Prints and Furs.

I have recently jumped, with both feet, onto the animal print bandwagon.  Leopard, is such an oddly versatile print.  It is composed of neutrals, can be translated into a rock look, a super sexy vixen, a demur glamour puss, or just a low key look with a tid bit of fierceness all depending on the ratios of leopard print to solid colors, where on your body you wear it, and to what degree.  As for fur, I recently converted to non-veganism.  (Well recently as in the moment I tasted my Italian boyfriend's homemade meatballs, he's quite the cook).  So, I still have mixed feelings about wearing fur to some degree.  The people at P.E.T.A. always encouraged stylish vegetarian/vegans to avoid wearing faux fur because it still promotes the idea of animals dying for vanity.  At this point however, I eat meat and don't even think about the issues, I've turned them off while dining, but I can't always seem to turn them off when styling.  Its a weird thing, I feel almost too over the top when I wear faux fur in public, and I'm usually all about over the top.
But regardless of my subconscious, born-again omnivore, PETA inflicted guilt trips, fur and faux fur alike can be very practical as added elements to an outfit.  Fur, is warm.  Need I say more?  In the below freezing temps of Norway, as in the soon to come below freezing temps of Pittsburgh, fur is an asset more than a signifier of high priced vanity and promotion of animal cruelty, and the above cover editorial from ELLE Norway is definitely making that statement.  The photos and styling are saying, 'hey, remember when fur was totally utilitarian and not just about looking good? Well here you go, looks good and keeps you warm.'  So there it is ladies, go fur and animal print crazy, and hopefully I can get over my fur hangups, 'cause I wanna be warm too :)

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