Nov 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Links a La Mode.

links a la mode

Beyond Fashion

Edited by Retro Chick

This weeks Links à la Mode blows away any preconceived ideas of the narcissistic fashion blogger posting endless outfit photos and magazine shoots by covering a huge array of topics. Ranging from Dream Sequins whimsical birthday tea party to High Fashion Girls detailed examination of racism in fashion magazines, these posts demonstrate what we’re capable of and the communities we can build.

Of course, being fashion bloggers there are also some great outfits to be found and our bloggers this week have looked at: movies, from Bollywood to Sci fi; their pyjama drawers; and even their cleaning cupboard in their ceaseless search to bring you fashion inspiration.

As ever there’s many more exciting links on the original forum thread


Links à la Mode : November 26th

  • British Style Bloggers – Intrinsically Florrie on British Style Bloggers on how you can support the lovely Luella brand in it’s time of need
  • Dream Sequins – The stylish guests at a virtual birthday tea party (Part 2)!!
  • Fashion X K8 – The Fashion Blogging community being analoguous to “The Girls” in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof
  • FashionHippo – Best Organic Lip Balms: 6 Natural Picks to Nourish Your Pout
  • Fete a fete – Guerlain’s Imperial Holiday makeup collection review
  • High Fashion Girl – Racism & Fashion
  • Idiosyncratic Style – Idiosyncratic Style dares you to re-think the possibilities of Pajamas outside the house
  • In Life and In Fashion – How to dress with Bollywood Flair
  • Lillys Roses – The new charity tshirts by TV-Star C.F. for the eco label armeangels
  • M.I.S.S. – She’s Crafty: DIY First Place Ribbon Accessories
  • Mariels Castle – Are we trully free when it comes to our fashion choices?
  • Oranges and Apples – What are charity shops for? Thoughts sparked by Mary Portas’ new Save the Children shop
  • Prom Mafia – Happy Accident: How to bleach fun designs on your clothes
  • Quirky Fashion – Movies that Inspired Fashion
  • Retro Chick – Buy Audrey Hepburns Wardrobe
  • Shoe Daydreams – Why Knock-offs are Bad for the Soul
  • Style on a String – Confessions of an UGG Lover and Wearer (but only indoors!)
  • THE COVETED – Coach Holiday : Review & Giveaway!
  • The Demoiselles – Wing Tips: Finding a Tailor
  • Work Chic – Win a Sondra Roberts SR squared Shopper tote!
So happy to be included, these are some stellar choices Retro Chick.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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