Nov 7, 2009

BANG! Inspiration.

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So I finally got my hair cut yesterday.  I went in to the saloon armed simply with the word bangs.  Upon sitting in the salon chair my stylist Robert, who is fabulous by the way, asked me that very loaded first question, "What are we going for today?"  I must admit, I kind of dread this question, especially when there is a stranger for a stylist, armed with scissors standing behind meAnyway, I mentioned my keyword to Robert but kind of sheepishly, and he took it and ran with it.  He totally talked me into a super chic, somewhat heavily banged haircut.  And then succeeded in talking me into dying it as well!  Yeah, he's definitely fabulous and a great salesman.  I'll hopefully have an outfit post up soon so you guys can see the results and let me know what you think.  Til then, later on...

P.S.  If any of you ladies live in Pittsburgh the salon is called Dean of Shadyside and if you are a first time customer they hook you up hardcore, my cut and color were only $25 dollars total because the cut was free as a result of a referral, and my dye job was 50% off because I was a first time customer.  But don't let the deals fool you into thinking its a local version of Super Cuts, the salon is high class and full of internationally trained stylists who provide a free consultation when you come in!  Definitely a great experience, I highly recommend this salon :)

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MARISA said...

cool snaps

love the 2nd last pic and the sunnies in them


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