Nov 22, 2009

Abbey Lee Kershaw Showing her "Dark" Side in November's i-D.

I've never really been one to pick my favorite models and find out everything there is to know about them, that's all a little too much like tabloidization if you ask me.  But one model I have become a fan of recently is Abbey Lee Kershaw.  Ever since I saw her shoot for Dazed & Confused's cover feature of Where the Wild Things Are, I've been blown away by every thing else I see her in.  The Aussie model has such a natural girlish innocence about her look, but when she models she can instantly go into a dark edgy mode creating a stark contrast between guilessness and the poses of an enigmatic actress.

Her edginess manifests not only in her brooding stares with those huge gray-green eyes, but also in her cool factor.  She unabashedly rocks a hoop nose ring as well as a barbell in her right nipple.  When modeling these body jewelry features add to her offbeat grittiness, and when she's not modeling they mark her baby face as avant-garde.  She totally makes me want to put my nose hoop back in and forget what my mother tells me about what looks pretty and what doesn't

This spread was styled by Erika Kurihara and shot by Paul Wetherell for a small feature in the winter i-D


Closet Full of Nothing said...

She is stunning! love her edgy-ness and those eyes are so mesmerizing!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Very cool editorial. I love the contrast between her innocence and edginess as well.... you basically don't know if she'll slap you in the face or giggle like a small child. Those first three pics are my favorite.

Heather said...

wow. Beautiful and powerful.

P.S. Having a $100 giveaway on my blog for some lovely statement jewelry. :)

Ashley said...

She's stunning. The gap in her two front teeth is really sexy. She has an amazing look about her.


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