Oct 17, 2009


sources Because I'm Addicted/Knight Kat

I've never been much of a sparkle/sequin girl.  When I was little I danced and hated the heavily sequined costumes I always had to wear; they were so effing itchy!  But lately, I've been seeing sequins styled down and I'm absolutely loving the look of 80's glam against some denim or even the plaid in the second picture.  Thus, I am now on a hunt for some sequined tops/vests/skirts whatever.  Although, I'm sure sequined things are pretty easily DIYed.   

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Ash Fox said...

ha you know i am obsessed with sequins!

..i have 2 guns tees left in the short sleeve version it's basically like a long tight shirt. on short girls it fits as a super short dress. very sexy. i could see it worn with thigh highs.




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