Oct 23, 2009

Raquel Zimmerman Wearing Couture and Braving an Urban Graffiti Jungle.

I've always had a strong fascination with Graffiti, desperately trying to mimic the perfectly geometric fonts, the very bright contrasted with dark color palettes, in any artwork I've ever done.  It's definitely an aesthetic that my eyes are always drawn to and one of the few pluses to public transportation, getting to see graff on bus lines and trains.  
I've watched the documentary Style Wars only about 5 times, one being in a Global Hip Hop class I took where I got to dissect it with fellow nerds, some enthnomusicology grad students.  So, you know, I kinda know a thing or two about it.

My equal love for fashion has had me thinking about how cool it would be to combine the two, portraying both high fashion, and the "low" street art that is graffiti.  I mean, we see street style in front of graffiti quite often, but couture, not so much.  I really like what stylist Emmanuel Alt did with the black and white pieces.  It makes so much sense, because Raquel is at once blending into the art and standing out, kind of like one of those eye trick paintings.  Check out Art Crimes for pics of beautiful and jarring graffiti from all over the world. :)

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