Oct 24, 2009

Ms. Wasson's Inspiration?


I was searching for pictures that involved both fashion and muscle cars, and I came upon this dude's blog The Selvedge Yard.  He's got some pretty sick posts about moto jackets (a forever fave of mine), rock music tees (the post I got the first pic from) some car and motorcycle reading, and the like.  It was kinda cool to be outside the fashion blogosphere for a minute.  And although the first post I ever did on this blog was about how Erin Wasson had disappointed me with the obvious copycat design in her 2010 spring line, her style totally reminds me of that balance between being a girl and being a girl who usually kicks it with a bunch of dudes, which is how I roll.  So I'm paying a little homage to the queen of sexy cool.  Erin, if you're reading this, I totally dig your style :)

1 comment:

theselvedgeyard said...

Thanks for you kind comment over TSY. I'm in the "fashion biz" as well, menswear. You have an amazing site, well done.




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