Oct 16, 2009

Metallica: Cleveland.

Please excuse the poor quality of the photographs, I've been using my sisters tiny point and shoot Sony until I can afford a nicer camera.  Also, I was pretty far away from the stage (and I won't make that mistake again).  I definitely needed to be on the floor, the show would have been waaaaay more kick ass.  The last couple pictures with the Metallica inflatable balls are the best because they turned on the house lights in the Arena for the encore. 
All in all, I had fun, except for when the sound cut out on our side of the arena!! Yeah during Master of Puppets no less.  Pretty shitty, it happened again during the encore.  I also have to say that the Cleveland Metallica following is pretty weak, they didn't stick around long enough for another, much deserved, encore song!!  Oh well, James, Lars, Kirk, Rob, if you guys are reading this please come to Pittsburgh soon.  It will be a far better show, I'm sure :)

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