Oct 22, 2009

High Fashion Comic Book.

source Fashion Gone Rogue

I came across this super hero editorial from French Revue de Mode and upon glancing at my calendar realized that Halloween is fast approaching and I don't have an inkling of an idea as to what to dress up as!  Last year I totally wanted to be a superhero lady, Storm.  But I was never committed enough to find a skin tight latex body suit.  I suppose American Apparel makes things like that easier to acquire these days.  But I ended up opting for the simpler Edie Sedgwick; a costume drawn straight outta my collection of 'going-out' clothes.  The challenge is always coming up with a costume that is both creative and warm because the biggest Halloween party in Pittsburgh, Evaline, is partially outside and partially in a large drafty house.  See, this makes being a sexy nurse really tough.  Just kidding, I'm not that boring :)


catherine said...

love the photos, great revue de mode.
Like the funny scene, not really wearable but the shape study is interesting.

FashionXK8 said...

truth, not very wearable. However, I would love to have those first boots in my posession for Halloween night, just Halloween night though, cinderella style :)


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