Oct 27, 2009

Autumn Trench/Thigh Highs.

trench, Old Navy. scarf, vintage. flower fishnets, UO. black overtheknee socks, AA. boots, Harley Davidson. teal denim shorts, AA.

I wore this to school today and when I had my trench closed, I felt as if people assumed I had nothing on underneath.  Trench coats are definitely weird like that, they make you look very polished and professional, but they instantly turn scandalous when the hemline of your bottoms is shorter than the trench.  Its always fun to play with the identity of a garment like that.
Funny story about the scarf.  I used to bartend at a hotel and one super-cool night audit guy who was always telling me that I look stylish found that scarf.  He said it reminded him of something I would wear so he gave it to me.  Its funny that I mention that hotel job, the black shirt I wore today is part of the uniform I had to wear.  I really despise uniforms, mostly because of my aversion to authority, but the uniform I had to wear wasn't half bad.  Black shirt black pants, maroon tie; I totally wish I had kept the tie.

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Kitschmoog said...

Awesome ! Love your blog and fashion posts ... i was recommanded by my friend "Angie" (my singer and model on Chictopia) , Thanks to add as member on my Blog... I add your link now !


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