Oct 25, 2009

Anja Rubik Made Up All Crazy-Like for Vogue Paris 11/09.

Halloween is only a week away and I'm still struggling to come up with a costume.  Although this editorial from the Nov. Vogue Paris in combination with lack of time and insufficient Halloween funds inspired the possibility of just putting on some crazy alien like make-up maybe using some temp dye or a colored wig.  I don't know, Darren is kind of a Halloween purist, he professes that one should be something in particular, a character from a movie or T.V. show if you will.  I don't know though, I think I might have more fun if I go with the inspiration from the above editorial.  What do you guys think, is Halloween just a time to dress crazy, or to dress like something/someone?


Closet Full of Nothing said...

crazy makeup! especially the last pic... yet she still looks so glam!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

oh my gosh, the make-up in this editorial looks similar to what I do in my paintings! I so love this!
your blog is awesome, I'll definitely add it to my list of daily reads.


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