Sep 21, 2009


tunic UO, faux leather zipper leggings ebay, shoes lil'sister's closet, elastic corset belt AA, earrings designed x Erin Magoc, chains vintage

I had a totally kick ass weekend hanging with my man and a bunch of our friends on Saturday night whilst drinking entirely too much bourbon not to mention visiting our pals at the Brillobox who must have missed us, as we haven't been going out much lately, and the practically gave us three full rounds of drinks.  Good times.   Yes, drunkeness pursued.  And the Steelers' poor excuse for football playing didn't exactly help my hangover, but I had fun kickin' it with Darren none the less.  Anyway, the wild weekend has led me to accrue a few bits of unfinished work, so I need to get back to this paper that's due by 3pm today  :(



Ash Fox said...

ah i love this outfit. the leggings are so sick and your makeup looks awesome with that blue top. i love blonds with edgy debbie harry!


kpeach New York, NY said...

love blue and black together...

K8 said...

thanks ladies...Debbie Harry is def a style icon of mine...I love looking to female musicians from different eras for style inspiration.



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