Sep 24, 2009


source Fashion Toast

One word...incredible.  I can not stop looking at those lace bell bottoms!  They're so Penny Lane...actually they look more like Sapphire...either way I want them!  This whole collection is so boho princess...or romantic hippie.  It's representing a myriad of different eras and I love each and every piece.  Even these...

I actually think they're kind of sexy.  I also love love love this...

....which was styled on a male model.  Its a pretty androgynous coat, I would totally rock it.  It looks amazingly warm.
Speaking of the collection being slightly androgynous a little fact about this brand.  "Stolen Girlfriends Club was formed in 2005 by ex professional surfers Marc Moore and Luke Harwood. The reason for starting their own brand? To make t-shirts that their girlfriends could wear home in the morning." -
Yeah I definitely need to purchase those bell bottoms.

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