Sep 24, 2009

Lil' Sis

paisley dress Urban Renewal UO, flower boots Payless, vest DIY/vintage, beanie UO

This week has been a little bit crazy.  Classes just started to hit me hard, as in reading at the rate of about 2 novels a week with writing assignments piling up on top of that.  But its cool, cause classes were canceled today.  Obama is touring the Cathedral of Learning so we're not allowed to be there.  Thank you Mr. President!!

Anyway, these are some pics of my little sister, she finally moved in to our house in the city about a week ago which means my wardrobe just doubled and now I have unlimited access to the completely original jewelry that she designs, snaps for the Magoc girls being super chic.
So, Erin's strength is most definitely in everything jewelry, designing, producing, and styling jewelry, she's extremely talented and her designs will be available on Etsy very soon.  I styled her outfit here, and coaxed the adorable little model out of her.  Hope you like!

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