Sep 15, 2009

Erin Wasson Breaks my Heart

source Le Fashion
Sitting in my bed, skipping classes for a second day as I battle the dreaded swine flu, I came upon Le Fashion's most recent post about Erin Wasson's 2010 RTW Line. I absolutely loooooved her '09 line and her skater girl, socal cool attitude had totally captivated me and made me love her pieces even more. Now, I excused the jewelry line copycat accusations as just hearsay because I was soo in love with her clothes. But after this!! A complete copycat of a skirt in Zac Posen's '03 line! I'm appalled, disappointed, heartbroken.

1 comment:

Ash Fox said...

yeah it really is sad. it goes to show that she is better suited as a stylist, piecing things together from other designers.

loving your blog!


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