Sep 18, 2009

designs x rumi.

I'm super excited about Rumi's new pieces for RVCA.  First off, this girl was probably my very first inspiration to start blogging.  She gave me (unbeknownst to her) the push to actually start taking my love for fashion seriously as she is my bastion of hope that I too can make a career for myself in fashion.  She went from a humble yet talented ebay vintage store owner to model/designer/stylist for one of the most incredible skate/surf labels in the world!  Her stylings never cease to amaze me, and I find that they constantly push me to take my own stylings to new levels of creativity while remaining true to what I love as opposed to settling for what's trendy.  Thank you Rumi for constantly being an inspiration to my wardrobe and my career path.  I will definitely be sporting these pieces soon.


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