Sep 19, 2009

best of

fringed vest Hardcouture,

vintage marching band vest, vintage scarf blouse, vintage/DIY leather shorts, opaque leggings UO, vintage lace up granny boots 

mesh silk shirt Jackpot, headband H&M, self-made necklace, velvet dress Weekday, knee-high stockings H&M

vintage purple tunic, vintage floral vest, heart woven necklace Target

I especially love the last look, she did a great job of taking something that is at first glance seemingly not very chic and made it look super chic.  I absolutely love the way she styled it.



Lissa said...

Agreed. I totally adore that last look!

mysolitaryconsignment said...

Haha, I totally can't go on Lookbook anymore. I had an account for a second, but I would just become so angered that I'm not 17 and 110 anymore.

But yes, these are wonderful. I'm just too enraged/jealous too truly enjoy them, haha.


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