Sep 17, 2009

Best of

self-made jewelry, Gap cardigan
Kart H, artist from Tallinn
UO Jacket, Louis Vuitton Scarf, Chanel Bag
Caroline, Fashion Editor from Stockholm
H&M Top, Dr. Martens, rest Thrift
Rachel, photographer from Michigan
Leoluca, stylist from Berlin

Jacket Gina Tricot, Bag Miu Miu, Boots Minimarket
Caroline, blogger/stylist/student from Stockholm

shirt Sonia Rykiel
Frii, from Findland 

Jacket Gabby, rest thrift
Lovisa, writer

Jacket Zara, thigh high boots Topshop
Louise, art history student from Paris is a pretty tight place for style inspiration.  Its a major cultural representation of fashion becoming a bottom to top industry instead of being its past archaic vice versa.  The only problem with is the myriad of looks to look through, which isn't really a problem except for the fact that I'm supposed to be reading Shakespeare for class this morning but instead I'm gleefully flipping through  Here are a few of my fave lookbook looks for today.  These pics are showcasing some of the things I've been inspired by as of late, animal prints, drapey tops, wedge booties, thigh high boots and chunky sweaters.

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