Sep 25, 2009


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I got these brown leggings yesterday and kind of wanted to try the leather/lace equation with them.  So in lieu of real leather I used these leggings, the faux boots and replaced lace with the eyelet babydoll dress.  
I was going for a bohemian look hairdo akin to the wrap around braid seen on the Olsens and Sienna Miller.  However my hair is much too short to do it the way they do it.  I utilized my French braiding abilities to create this hairdo.


I created this kind of inverted French braid by pulling hair just from the front when "Frenching" the braid.  And then I just pulled the rest of my hair back and wrapped my tiny stub of a ponytail with a scarf to make it look like a bun.
I've been doing this with my hair a lot lately because I'm trying to grow it long again, but I'm also recovering from a series of bleachings I did awhile ago.  As a result my hair has a weird blond color to the bottom and of course what with my at home weekly trimmings of the damage, there's not much of a style to it.  To put it bluntly, it looks like shit when worn down.  I've found that braiding is a great way to make the off unnatural colors actually look pretty.  It brings the old fake blond highlights and twists them with the natural brown/blond ones making everything look healthy.


mysolitaryconsignment said...

okay, you totally nailed the "bobo" look. that jacket is wonderful.

haha, i would just end up gushing, so suffice to say that i adore everything about this look, including the braids, which i have NEVER been able to do.

Asta said...

Love the look! I have a weakness for coats with fur collars/cuffs and yours is just amazing!


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