Sep 17, 2009

Another party.i wish it was friday!

source Cobrasnake

 Yes.  That is definitely Bjork in the second to last picture.  I totally wish that I could be as ballsy as her when it comes to fashion.  She is truly incredible.
These pics were taken at the most recent release part for Another Magazine, which I'm about ready to move to the UK just so I can get a subscription for it.  It's got amazing and very artfully styled photography and there's a David Sedaris story printed in the latest issue!  Fashion and literature aside, these pictures are making me want Friday to come faster.


xs said...

hmmm, i'll have to find myself a copy!

K8 said...

yeah for sure, I think you can purchase back issues on the website I didn't investigate further to find out if they ship to the US. Thanks for the comment!!


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